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To continue with Thursday, August 18, there was a Council of Georgist Organizations business meeting in the afternoon, and as president of two Georgist organizations, I was there. There was a problem with one hotel in Saint Louis, Missouri, so we authorized our conference organizer to cancel with them, and find another hotel. We will meet in the St. Louis area in 2017 (not too long from now), and our 2018 meeting is expected to be in Baltimore.

Discussion went on and on, partly about matters like CGO finances, partly about things we might do aside from the annual formal conference (hold an unconference?), and partly about what to call ourselves. Ideas include Georgists, Geoists, and Earthsharers. I'm willing to use any of those terms, or the phrase "single taxers", if the rebranding would just have the practical effect of making our ideas well known and widely accepted. It seems, though, that things are more difficult than that.



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