I got one regular amendment this week, and one case on my Special Amended docket; I didn't take action on any of these, so I'm now up to five regular amendments and one Special Amended. The Special Amended is actually a decision of the Board of Appeals, affirming my rejection of an application.

I haven't finished any Office Actions on new cases, either, but I've made progress searching my oldest Special New, and writing the Office Action, which I hope to finish by 3:00 PM Monday. Next biweek, I'll be busy with amendments, my oldest non-RCE Regular New, a Request for Continued Examination case, and my other Special New. It never ends.
This week I got one Expedited docket case, which I dealt with tous de suite, and two regular amendments one my docket of Amendments. I also finished Office Actions on two of my existing amendments, so I'm back to four amendments. Thursday morning, I had an Appeal conference with my supervisor and a third person, and received authorization to reply to someone's Appeal Brief with an Examiner's Answer, but I'm too busy to do that right now.

I have started on my oldest Special New case, and may possibly be able to finish that and my oldest Regular New case by Monday the 16th at 3:00 PM.
This week,I got a 312 amendment on my Expedited docket, and dealt with it swiftly. The "312" means that the amendment was filed after allowance and (in this case) corrected minor informalities. Otherwise, I have the same four cases on my regular Amendments docket as last week.

But I finished two first actions on Regular New cases, and finished the second of them Thursday. Not even today, yesterday! This means that my production for the Fiscal Year is adequate, and I won't begin the next year under a cloud. Also, I have written an Office Action on one of my amendments, and started work on another, so I should be able to submit both Office Actions in October, for the new Fiscal Year.
I got two new amendments this week, and didn't do any Office Actions on amendments, so I'm up to four. One of the new amendments is actually an Appeal Brief, and I've made an appointment with my supervisor to meet with him in October, and decide whether to write an Examiner's Answer, and let the Board of Appeals decide who has the better arguments.

Meanwhile, I finished my oldest Regular New on Tuesday, finished another Regular New case on Thursday, and have been searching for relevant prior art on my current oldest Regular New. I need to do this case and one more to make production for the Fiscal Year.
I got one After Final amendment on my Expedited docket this week, and dealt with it rather swiftly. I also got one ordinary amendment, so I now have two cases on my Amended docket, one of them (the older one) paused.

I also finished an Office Action on a non-RCE new case, and then I worked on my one and only Request for Continued Examination case, which I inherited from an examiner who has left the Patent Office, but I haven't finished that one. Maybe I can finish it Monday morning.

I have five weeks until the end of the fiscal year, and I need to keep my production up.
I didn't get any amendments this week, and I got rid of both of my Special Amended cases, both times because I got confirmation that the applicants were not taking their cases to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, or even back to me with amendments, after losing at the Board of Appeals. This leaves me with just one regular Amended case, still in paused status.

I also did a first action rejection on my oldest non-RCE Regular New case, and then I turned to my oldest Request for Continued Examination case; I haven't finished that one, but I have made progress on my Office Action, which should be completed well before 3:00 PM Monday.
This week, I got one new amendment, which I worked on Friday, but without starting an Office Action, still less finishing one. I hope to finish one by Monday at 3:00 PM, and in the meantime, I have two regular amendments and two Board of Appeals decisions on my Special Amended docket; three of the four are paused.

I also did Office Actions on the Regular New case I had been working on last week, then on my oldest non-RCE Regular New, and then on my oldest Request for Continued Examination case, so it's been a productive three and a half days.
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