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To continue with the book launch on Wednesday, August 17, and specifically with what Fred Foldvary was saying: There was a crash in 1873. There was land fraud in California. The federal government ran huge deficits during the 1800's, not in money, but in land. The public lands were being given away or sold cheaply.

He also spoke of the "discovery" doctrine. In 1455, Pope Nicholas V decreed in Romanus Pontifex that the first Christians to discover non-Christian land owned it. American land law incorporated this doctrine, which did not come from English common law. The mostly Protestant U.S. took this from the Vatican.

The American revolutionaries were land speculators, and therefore the revolution. It's more complicated than that, but the economic motives of the revolutionary leaders did matter.

Land policy today involves subsidies for the rich. The government taxes people for civic improvements, and it's the mostly rich owners of land who benefit.

Then there was another Alexandra Wagner Lough film clip.



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