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As a Georgist, I believe that I can distinguish between what is properly private (wealth created by human effort) and what is properly public (natural resources), enabling me to sound like a conservative and radical leftist at the same time. I can also see what's wrong with the Left and with the Right. There is a vivid portrayal of what's gone wrong in Venezuela in Reason online, reminding us of why rule by populist strongmen is most undesirable.

And then there are the populist yahoos of the Right, such as Corey Stewart, Virginia's Minnesota-born admirer of Confederate heritage, who has boasted that he was Trump before Trump was Trump. He should sue himself for defamation for saying that, except that the truth is a defense. Mr. Stewart sent me an email, asking me to support his campaign to unseat Senator Tim Kaine. I clicked on the link, hoping for an opportunity to give the gentleman a piece of my mind, but there was no place to send an email or leave comments, only to donate money. I would sooner take up lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills, and I hate tobacco smoke.
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