Jul. 24th, 2017

Last night, I woke up at about 4:00 AM, drank some water, used the plumbing, and went back to bed, only it seemed that I couldn't sleep, so I left the house (I think I was staying in somebody's house), and took a walk down the street. There were several cars with stereo systems playing music I didn't like, so it wasn't very calming. I went back to the house, and one attempt to open the door just led to a coat closet, not a proper entry.

Someone else outside the house talked with me, and this person seemed at first rather androgynous, but then seemed to be a middle-aged women with shortish hair (for a woman). Then it became clear to me that the person was actually a blond teenage boy with longish hair (for a boy).

I think that it was around then that I woke up, and found that it was a bit before 5:00 AM. Fortunately, I was able to sleep a bit more before it was time to get up and go to work.



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