Aug. 5th, 2017

I was looking at The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation, and came across Alan Jenkins's translation of "Vainglory" into modern English. If I didn't know that the book had been published when "President Donald Trump" was a punchline, and that the poem itself was from a thousand years or so ago, I would think that the description of "vainglory's victim" had been based on you-know-who.
This week, I got one new amendment, which I worked on Friday, but without starting an Office Action, still less finishing one. I hope to finish one by Monday at 3:00 PM, and in the meantime, I have two regular amendments and two Board of Appeals decisions on my Special Amended docket; three of the four are paused.

I also did Office Actions on the Regular New case I had been working on last week, then on my oldest non-RCE Regular New, and then on my oldest Request for Continued Examination case, so it's been a productive three and a half days.



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