Jul. 14th, 2017

It seems that science has confirmed Lord Acton, and power corrupts -- or is it that corrupt sociopaths seek and obtain power, or perhaps some of each? Anyway, people who have power are reported to be less empathic than those who do not, and this at least may be traceable to specific neurons in the brain.

This is one reason, in my view, to keep government limited, and power divided, not that that's a perfect solution to all problems.
I got one After Final amendment with a Terminal Disclaimer this week, showing up in my Expedited docket, and I dealt with it swiftly; I was able to allow it. "terminal Disclaimer" means that the applicant agreed that the patent granted on this application would not extend beyond the term of a related patent.

I had two regular amendments, and I dealt with one of them earlier this week. The other turned out not to be the usual kind of amendment, but an election. This means that I had sent the applicant a written Restriction Requirement, saying "There are two ormre inventions here, so decide which one you want me to examine." The one which the applicant elected to have examined was not really in my area, so I did a Transfer Inquiry, asking another unit in the Patent Office to take it. For now, the amendment is still on my docket, but paused, so I don't have to work on it. This means that I have two Special Amendments (actually Board of Appeals decisions) and one regular Amended case, all paused for now.

And I've been doing searching for my oldest non-RCE Regular New case.



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