Jul. 4th, 2017

Happy Birthday, o my country.

You have had flawed presidents before, but never, I think, anyone quite so unqualified and intemperate as the current occupant of the White House. And yet, studying history gives one a certain perspective. Andrew Johnson sought to undo progress to racial equality, and did considerable harm, and yet the country did survive, although there were rumors at the time that thousands of Confederate Army veterans would march on Washington to overthrow the government. Constitutional government may yet outlast Trump's tweets, and even his ignorance of public affairs; his ignorance may even enable subordinates to do some good which would not be possible if we had an intelligent and hardworking fascist in the Oval Office.

I plan to celebrate your birthday by rereading the Constitution and watching the fireworks. Come what may, at least we have time that can be lived in.
I'm not a big fan of cherries, but I do eat them sometimes. This summer, I have enjoyed a couple of pints of cherries from the farmers' market. I didn't see any sweet cherries at the farmers' market this weekend, so I bought a couple of pounds of cherries from the Pacific Northwest at Giant Food, where they were on sale, and ate some of them with my lunch today. The Fourth of July should be a good time to eat cherries, a fruit that's in season. Sadly, they weren't nearly as good as the cherries from a farm in Pennsylvania.

I saw several Muslim women in headscarves among the many people headed off to watch the fireworks. That's something to smile about. And, to be sure, I liked the fireworks themselves.



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