Jun. 30th, 2017

To continue with the book launch on Wednesday, August 17, Frank Peddle spoke after Fred Foldvary. Professor Peddle said Volume II of the Collected Works, Progress and Poverty, would be out in the fall. The annotated critical edition was aimed at libraries and institutions, and would be available for scholarly work. Why bother, since George's works were in the public domain?

There had been no annotated critical edition before. Now-obscure economists are quoted, and there are words unfamiliar to most people today. The critical edition will have explanations, annotations, corrections, and a new index.

He mentioned the electronic future, and publishing constraints.

Then there was a break until 3:00 PM.
I had received notice that the exterminators were coming, and that I should clear off the kitchen counters, the stovetop, and the top of the refrigerator, so I took some annual leave for Friday morning, and planned to do what was necessary.

Came the morning, and I knocked a bottle of balsamic vinegar off the kitchen counter and onto the floor, where it broke. While trying to clean that up, I cut my finger on a shard of glass. I managed to bandage and rebandage my finger, finish my domestic tasks this morning, clean the floor, and haul away a bag of trash, but then I also cut myself shaving.
I got two new amendments on my Amended docket this week, and I dealt with the two older amendments that were already there (one final rejection, and one allowance). This leaves me where I was a week ago, with two regular amendments, and two Special Amended cases that are actually Board of Appeals decisions.

I also finished a non-RCE Regular New, 47 minutes too late to be counted for last biweek and the third quarter, and then did a new Office Action on a Request for Continued Examination case. I also dealt with a few other little tasks at work.
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