Jun. 23rd, 2017

No amendment activity this week, so I still have the same two regular amendments and the same two Board of Appeals decisions on my Special Amended docket.

This week, I met with an attorney who came to Alexandria for an in-person interview; another attorney was the speakerphone, and they tried to join forces, but I held my ground. I finished a new first action on a Request for Continued Examination case, and, by the way, someone filed another RCE. I've basically spent part of Tuesday and the past three days on my oldest non-RCE Regular new case, on which I've made considerable progress, but with much left to do. This is the last weekend of the quarter, so I really want to finish it by 3:00 PM Monday to meet production for the quarter.

Oh, and I confirmed the abandonment of an application a little over six months after my first action rejection. It's good to have things like this fall into my lap now and then.



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