Jun. 15th, 2017

To continue with the morning of Wednesday, August 17, there was a question and answer session after Professor Clark's talk.

Someone mentioned cow-leasing. If you have at least one cow per ten acres, you're a farmer or rancher, not just a land speculator, so there's supposedly a company in Florida that leases cows. You pay the company money, you get a tax break in your property, and the company provides both the cows and the service of taking care of them.

Someone else -- it may have been Professor Clark, I don't know -- said that Walt Disney's father built the first tourist hotel in Florida, near Daytona Beach, and it failed. The Disneys failed in Florida, went to Chicago, and later to Missouri. Walt Disney's grandfather for the 1893 World Fair in Chicago, the "White City," which helped inspire Walt.

After this, we had lunch, with CGO memeber organization reports.
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