Jun. 13th, 2017

Peter Suderman has an interesting article in Reason about video gaming. It has its benefits, no doubt, but there are reasons to be concerned when substantial numbers of young men are devoting major amounts of time to video gaming while living in their parents' basements, instead of getting jobs and taking on adult responsibilities. Some of them, to be sure, genuinely find it difficult to get jobs. Suderman doesn't just say one thing; he is capable of seeing several sides of the question.
To continue with Professor Clark's talk on how Disney World got started, there was a chicken ranch, with a diner, offering chicken dinners and plumbing. Disney executives went there to eat. When an agent secretly representing Disney tried to buy out the owners, they said that they had been praying for someone to offer them good money for their swampy land, "But lately, business has been so good." So they didn't sell, and now the Hyatt Regency is on the site of their ranch. I guess their family still owns the land.

12,000 acres were acquired from the Dimitri family, who sold Disney the land, and donated the mineral rights to Tuft University. Disney bought the mineral rights from Tuft U.

Mostly, the Walt Disney Corporation managed to keep its land-buying confidential, but one charter airplane pilot overheard, and spent $25,000 to buy an option on some land; he made a million dollars in profit.

Disney demanded legislation creating the Reedy Creek Improvement District, to protect the Disney World park from local politicians.

Walt Disney died, and the ideas he had had for a City of Tomorrow were not brought to fruition. His brother Roy said, "Walt's dead," and just built an amusement park.

A carnie had told Walt Disney that free parking was a bad idea.

Also, before he died, Walt asked Roy, "Don't you wish we had bought 27,000 acres in Anaheim?"

This was followed by a Q&A session. Watch this space.
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