Jun. 10th, 2017

I got one case on Special Amended docket, and on Monday, I dealt with the After Final Amendment on my Expedited docket. I still have the two ordinary amendments I had a week ago. The Special Amended case is actually a decision of the Board of Appeals, affirming my rejection of an application, and adopting my cogent arguments as to why the claims should be rejected. I'm not called upon to do anything in response for now; the Appellant gets a period of time to decide what to do. Most likely, the case will be allowed to go abandoned, although the disappointed Appellant might amend the claims and reopen prosecution, or might take the case to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Meanwhile, I did a first action rejection on my oldest non-RCE Regular New case, and I've been working on my next oldest such case; unfortunately, I'm not likely to finish it by Monday at 3:00 PM.

There's one more biweek in the quarter, and I'll try to make it productive.



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