Jun. 8th, 2017

Jesse Walker has an article in Reason magazine about the idea of the Basic Income, sometimes known as a Citizen's Dividend, and mentions Henry George. Some Georgists, notably Jeff Smith, are big on the idea of a Citizen's Dividend; we are all equal owners of the world's land, and should all get a share of the land rent. I agree, and being on the more libertarian end of the Georgist spectrum, I think that the government should not necessarily be trusted to spend its revenue wisely. Therefore, land rent revenue not duly appropriated for other purposes should be distributed as dividends; among othe benefits, this should give people a stake in the system, and give them an incentive to demand frugality in government.

Alaska does something along these lines with money from oil revenues; it could also be done with rent from valuable city building land.
To proceed with the Q&A session after Dr. Fred Foldvary's talk on "Disney World as a Proprietary Rent-Funded Community," someone said that Florida lands are sinking; people are not being charged market rates to extract water from the aquifer.

Dr. Polly Cleveland described Disney World as a benevolent dictatorship, which she doesn't like very much. She went back and forth in is with Dr. Foldvary.

Lindrith Davies asked whether Disney was truly creating land value, saying that the highways and airports also contribute. But then, Disney does pay taxes.

Scot Walton said tha old town Orlando was pretty decrepit, and not benefiting much from Disney, it seemed.

Ed Dodson asked about employee housing. David Wetzel mentioned gated communities in South Africa, with pricpvate armed guards protecting them. Fred Foldvary noted that this turns public goods theory on its head. The government in South Africa doesn't provide much security, but private companies and associations do.

There was various other discussion.

Joan Moylan said that she had visited the Magic Kingdom in 1973, when Walt Disney was in charge, and it cost $6 for adults, $4 for children. Now the corporate mentality has taken over, and it costs much more.

Frank deJong referred to the Jane Jacobs book, Systems of Survival. It's important to distinguish the Traders from the Guardians. In Italy, private businesses, the Mafia, have gained coercive power. In the Soviet Union, the Guardians took over the whole economy. We need to make a sharp distinction.

Polly Cleveland said that her 96 year old mother is in an assisted living facility. It seems nice, but it's a trap. They provide poor nursing care, and just dial 911 in an emergency. But she can't move her mother.
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