Jun. 3rd, 2017

I got one After Final amendment, which showed up in my Expedited docket late Friday, too late to deal with it. Earlier this week, I did an Office Action on one of my three regular Amended cases, so now I'm back to three amendments, although not all the same as last week.

I also managed to deal with what was my only Request for Continued Examination case Tuesday before the 3:00 PM deadline for last biweek. I have started work on my oldest Regular New non-RCE case. Also, someone has filed another RCE, so I'll work on that sooner or later.
To continue with what Dr. Fred Foldvary said about Walt Disney World as a proprietary rent-funded community, he noted that it has fire protection and sprinkler systems, and that waste water is treated, and then goes to ponds with water hyacinths.

There is a make-believe landscape.

Disney World pioneered charging for admission to a park, instead of charging for individual rides. It's Utopia for rent, paid for by the day.

Disney World pays property taxes to the counties in which it is located, and to the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Walt Disney World follows Georgist principles implicitly, because that is the efficient and practical way to provide public goods in a competitive economy in which customers have to be attracted to benefit from Walt Disney World's goods.

This was the conclusion of his talk, which was followed by a Q&A session, the summary of which I will post later.
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