May. 12th, 2017

One notable trait of our Inglorious Leader is not simply that he lies, but he does not even lie like a properly socialized American adult, who at least realizes that he should be ashamed of himself. Instead, he lies like a four year old, or like someone from a culture where one loses face by candor, and it is simply expected that painful truths will not be admitted, and that people will make boasts that do not remotely correspond to reality.

Call this a mental illness, a moral failure, or a cynical strategy, it seems deeply rooted in Trump's personality; this is why the description "sociopathic seventy year old toddler" fits him so welll.
I didn't get any amendments this week, and I finished an Office Action on my single remaining amendment, so I'm now down to zero amendments of any kind.

I also dealt with one of my Regular New cases, and I'm working on another Regular New case. Someone has filed a Request for Continued Examination case, so I expect to deal with that next biweek.



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