Apr. 9th, 2017

To continue with the panel discussion on "International Trade and the Georgist Message," David Wetzel spoke, mentioning the bull in Protection or Free Trade? In case you haven't read the book, George described a bull who had wound his rope around a post, and was stuck, unable to reach grass for him to graze on, and not understanding how to unwind the rope, his great strength useless. George wrote that the working class was in a similar position, realizing that things were wrong in the world, but not understanding how they could be set right.

Mr. Wetzel observed that trade distinguishes humans from other forms of life.

The European Community is becoming a superstate with unelected ministers. It requires its member states to have Value Added Taxes of from 17% to 27%; the rate is currently 20% in the United Kingdom, with exceptions like books and newspapers.

The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), allegedly for farmers, is actually for landowners. There is no ceili on CAP subsidies, although there is a ceiling on welfare for farmers. A check to the farmer simply means higher land rents and land prices.

David Wetzel voted for Brexit. The European Union has free movement, which can include criminals and people who will collect welfare. Brexiters are accused of being racists, and being frightened of the rest of the world. No, says David Wetzel. He favors trade with the rest of the world, and not just with the European Union.

This is an opportunity for Georgists to enact their ideas, not just hold conferences.

Watch this space for more to come.



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