Apr. 8th, 2017

To continue with the morning of Tuesday, August 16, there was a panel discussion on "International Trade and the Georgist Movement," with Lindrith Davies, Dr. Fred Foldvary, and David Wetzel.

Lindy noted that Henry George was tactically against tariffs because they were an alternative to land value taxation, but held that free trade wouldn't really help workers, just raise land rents.

He also said that productivity and wages tracked closely until the mid-70's, but the period from World War Two until 1973 was an anomaly! Usually, wages don't go up with productivity. Read Progress and Poverty to learn why.

Donald Trump to the contrary, trade deficits are not necessarily bad; they can mean cheap consumer goods and service exports. Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo all have trade surpluses.

Regarding trade treaties and agreements, they can involve appointed tribunals to decide alleged treaty violations, which can override health and safety regulations. Investor protections are sometimes seen as a violation of national sovereignty.

Lindy thinks that this ignores bigger injustices. What does national sovereignty mean? We believe in land rights. Private land monopoly is the biggest violation of liberty.

Nations provide environmental protections, etc., when they can afford to. Land value taxation leads to prosperity, which leads to safety regulations and environmental protection.

Then the other panelists spoke -- watch this space.



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