Apr. 4th, 2017

LiveJournal wants its users to agree to a new user agreement which contains some worrisome boilerplate, and, furthermore, is not legally binding. The legally binding agreement is in Russian, which I don't read or speak; for all I know, it may commit me to sacrifice my little niece to whichever demon bought Vladimir Putin's soul with the promise of worldly power.

Even if it isn't that bad, which it may not be, I am blogging at Dreamwidth now, unless LJ drops its demands.
I finished a case a few minutes before 3:00 PM Monday, and all is well. My production for the second quarter would be good enough without that case, but my production for the first quarter was only a little above 88%, so I needed to raise my average, and I succeeded. My production for the second quarter was over 102%, and my total for the first half of the fiscal year was 95.02%. Ninety-five is good enough, you see.

I bought a scratch-off lottery ticket on April 1, and proceeded to scratch, but I didn't win any prizes.

A couple of months ago, I visited the liquor store, and bought a bottle of apple brandy, planning to drink some for an end-of-quarter celebration. I had a tot on Thursday, celebrating the successful completion of one case and a start on my final case of the quarter, but I didn't much like sipping the brandy. Monday evening, I poured a small glass of sweet cider, spiked it with a bit of the apple brandy, and drank that after concluding the quarter. I preferred to take my poison that way.
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