Apr. 1st, 2017

I got one regular amendment this week, going to my regular Amended docket, and one post-allowance item showed up in my Expedited docket, so I'm up to four amendments, one of them Expedited.

I finished one Regular New case, and I'm working on another one, which I really want to finish by the deadline for the quarter, 3:00 PM on Monday. After that, I hope to work on my amendments expeditiously.
I haven't seen Beauty and the Beast, but I have come across a link to this analysis of relevant economics and history, which may be instructive as well as amusing.

It's from the Foundation for Economic Education, a bunch of sort-of free marketeers which used to be Georgist, many decades ago, but drifted away, or at least a Georgist named Frank Chodorov was involved, way back when. I say "sort-of free marketeers" because some of us take the view that a real free market requires equal rights to land.
In celebration of folly, I just bought a scratch-off Virginia lottery ticket. We'll see what results.
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