Mar. 29th, 2017

There's a book which I have read, The Corruption of Economics, by Professor Mason Gaffney and Fred Harrison, which argues that not only did neoclassical economics take a wrong turn in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but that it was to some extent deliberately fraudulent, conceived as an anti-Georgist strategy by the robber barons and their hacks. I believe that the thesis is essentially correct, although I do not recommend the book as an introduction to Georgism; it's best to know in some detail what George said, and why, to fully appreciate what his opponents were saying, and the significance of their statements and their omissions.

That said, the book is now online for those who are interested, at

There is also a postscript which is new to me, so far as I can recall, about opposition to land value taxation in the aftermath of the democratization of South Africa. Under the apartheid regime, a number of South African localities had land-only or split rate property taxes, which was unfortunately lost, and the potential for land value taxation as a means of securing to all South Africans a share of their country's natural resources was largely ignored. This is at I do suggest reading this, which is shorter and easier to follow than the full book.



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