Mar. 18th, 2017

I got one post-allowance amendment to make minor corrections in the claims; this showed up on my Expedited docket, and I dealt with it. Otherwise, I'm left with the same two amendments in my regular Amended docket as before.

I did work on the older of those amendments, and called the patent attorney to suggest an Examiner's Amendment to make the case allowable. He needed to get in touch with his client, so I hope that everyone will agree to authorize my proposed changes and let me allow the case.

I finished a first action on my oldest non-RCE Regular New case on Monday, and then I did an Office Action on my oldest (and only) Request For Continued Examination case. I've been working on another case from my Regular New docket, and hope to turn that in before the biweek ends, Monday at 3:00 PM.

I dressed up in a white shirt, blue blazer, and green Henry George tie today, drawing some comments.

After dinner, I had "first sleep," and now I'm awake and online.



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