Mar. 10th, 2017

I participated in the USPTO Toastmasters International Speech Contest Thursday, and won some praise for my speech, although another contestant won the contest, and will move up to the area-level contest.
Meghan Leahy's family advice column in Thursday's Washington Post really struck a chord with me. Someone wrote in about her bright sixteen year old daughter, who ha been diagnosed with ADHD, and is not cooperating with treatment.

Ms. Leahy wrote, "There are significant challenges in parenting and educating many gifted children. These children tend to mature more slowly, be more sensitive and often have symptoms that mimic ADHD. Or they truly have ADHD or other executive-functioning issues. What our culture often forgets (or doesn't know) is that a high IQ does not necessarily correlate with emotional maturity or intelligence. Children with powerful brains are often burdened with weak emotional regulation. So it can be stressful to live this way."

That hits home to me; I was a very bright child who didn't fit in, and didn't have many kids my own age with whom I could get along or talk about what interested me. It's a good thing that I found books and science instead of narcotics.



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