Mar. 4th, 2017

I got one more amendment this week, and I didn't finish dealing with any, so I'm up to five Regular Amendments.

I finished an Office Action on my one Special New case back on Monday. I am almost finished with an Office Action on one of my amendments, but it's taken time because it's actually a first action on the merits. A few months ago,I sent out a written restriction, saying, in effect, "There are several inventions here, and it would be an undue burden on the examiner to examine them all, so elect one set of claims for me to examine. The attorney did so, and the case showed up on my docket as an amendment. Now I've been searching for prior art, applying the prior art to the chosen set of claims, objecting to minor informalities in the claim language, and so forth. As I say, I'm almost done.

I also put in a fair amount of work on my oldest Request for Continued Examination case, and called the attorney to propose an Examiner's Amendment to make it allowable. He said he'd discuss my proposal with his client, and hoped to call me back on Thursday or Friday. So far, I haven't heard back from him.



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