Feb. 26th, 2017

Reason online had an item about a court overruling a Florida law against doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes, as a violation of the First Amendment. I agree that the law was unconstitutional, and I support the Second Amendment, as well as the First; it was unconstitutional even if some physicians were being jerks, which is alleged to have been the case.

I had an experience of my own, here in Virginia. Back in, I think, 2015, I was given a questionnaire when .I came in for my annual check-up, including a question about whether I had a gun in my apartment; I answered the medical questions, but left that one blank. When the doctor saw me, she asked about that, and I declined to answer, either way. She told me that having a gun in the home was dangerous, and a gun was far more likely to be used to kill someone in the family, deliberately or by accident, than a dangerous intruder. I doubted that, and told her so.

Last year, I came prepared to argue again; I was prepared to cite an article printed in Reason early last year. The article did not say, by the way, that having a gun in the home was definitely a good thing, but that there were conflicting studies, and it was hard to be certain of the truth. However, the question did not not appear on the patient questionnaire, so I didn't have to hash it out again.

Also, there was a delightful Low Concept piece in Slate on parenting your toddler president. For example, your toddler president does best on a regular schedule. There's Golf Time, and there's Nap Time, and there's Sign Whatever Uncle Steve Puts In Front Of Me Time.
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