Feb. 16th, 2017

I had some adventures Tuesday. I wanted to download TurboTax, but first I had to download an updated operating system to my iPadAir. I managed this, using the WiFi which the Patent Office provides for guests (I was able to work while my iPadAir did its downloading). But then there was email trouble, so I did what someone at Geek Squad had once done for me: I deleted my email, and tried to restore it, but got error messages. I first called my computer wizardess, , and then my ISP's service line.

No go, so I decided to stop at Best Buy on my way home, and see someone with Geek Squad there. I waited, and once he had dealt with the people ahead of me in line, my email was functioning again, and downloading messages. I thanked him, and he said that he hadn't done much.

"But it was due to your auspicious influence," I said, remembering Gibbon. "That's from the Roman Empire; a general who won a battle didn't dare claim too much credit, or he'd be suspected of planning to seize the throne next, so officially, the victory was due to the auspicious influence of the Imperator."

He thanked me for the little history lesson.



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