Feb. 1st, 2017

I am an Amherst alum, class of 1985, who does not contribute to Amherst College. My initial reason was because of troubles I had with the administration and a subcommittee of the Judicial Board (the accusation against me had nothing to do with sex). My continuing reason has to do with Amherst College's alleged treatment of a rape survivor named Angie Epifano, and then with a lawsuit against the college from "John Doe."

It seems the Amherst administration may have imitated the drunk who fell off the right side of his horse, and then, resolving not to repeat that mistake, fell off the left side. After Miss Epifano's alleged shabby treatment by the College authorities, Mr. Doe claims that he was expelled for supposedly sexually assaulting a young woman who in fact performed a sex act on him when he was unconscious. The latest development in the case is that a judge has ruled against subpoenaing the woman to testify and make documents available, on the ground that that would force her to relive the alleged sexual assault.

If I can't force Amherst to change, or seriously punish it, I can at least decline to give it my money. What, though, can I do about Judge James Robart?



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