Jan. 28th, 2017

Virginia is afflicted with a Certificate of Public Need law; a hospital that wants to add facilities or equipment must obtain a COPN, which rival hospitals may lobby against. This can result,at a minimum, in people paying more for medical treatment, due to the lack of competition, or having to go further to get treatment. It can also result in people dying because the hospital where they check in can't provide the treatment they need, and there isn't time to transport them to another hospital, or they die en route. I have written to my State Representative and Senator, urging them to support HB 2337 and other legislation to loosen requirements (although not, unfortunately, to abolish them altogether).

Tammy Baldwin, Senator from Wisconsin, has introduced the DAIRY PRIDE act, making it illegal to use words like milk, yogurt, and cheese for products that don't come from actual cows, so you couldn't sell a product clearly labeled "Almond Milk" or "Soy Yogurt." Wisconsin dairy farmers consider it deceptive, or at least want to crush competition. I have written to one of my senators, and plan to write to the other senator, and to my Comgressman, urging them to oppose this.
I got two new regular amendments, and finished Office Actions on two older amendments, so I'm back to five amendments, all on my regular Amended docket.

I also finished a first action rejection on my oldest non-RCE Regular New case, and have started work on my oldest Request for Continued Examination case.



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